Where to start writing an essay: 7 tips


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23 Kas 2021
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Even at school, those who dream about the profession of journalism try to master various genres. But more often than not, any high school student is confronted with such a format as an essay. Perhaps some will be surprised, but the skill of writing a quality essay can come in handy in ordinary "adult" life. Many employers ask for a motivational essay or an essay on a topic that relates directly to the job industry. However, reporters should definitely master this genre. And to do so, there are some helpful guidelines.

The homeworkmarket is a genre of literature, a prose essay of small volume and free composition. It should reflect the opinion, feelings, attitudes, impressions, thoughts of a person on any particular issue, occasion, topic.

1. It is a matter of structure. Before writing the work mentally, and then on the draft, divide the future essay into parts.

2. research the topic thoroughly. If the topic does not leave gaps in the author's understanding, it will save the work in advance from plagiarism and borrowing in other people's similar works. In addition, owning the information, you can create a really unique essay that reflects as much as possible the position and views of the author.

3. Analyze. After the author is familiar with the topic in as much detail as possible, it is worth moving on to the analysis. Look at what arguments other authors make in their works. Based on their reflections, you should not copy anyone else's speculations - you should reflect and draw your own personal conclusions.

4. Evaluate, as a critic, what is the advantage and disadvantage of other authors' essays. After noting the weaknesses, think of ways you would improve them, and then implement them in your own work.

5. Start reflecting. To keep the essay from turning into just an emotional statement of opinion, you need to incorporate rationality. To do this, you need to prepare a list of questions, the answers to which you need to reveal in the essay, before you start your work. It is better to take time and write these answers separately from the overall text. This way the thought is structured and will stick better in the essay.

6. In order for the essay to fulfill its function by conveying your main idea to the reader, you need to determine what the main idea is. At this stage, you need to highlight the main thesis of the material, which absorbs all other thoughts and messages of the author.

7. Don't avoid working on a draft. Some authors try to avoid unnecessary work, but in this case it will reduce the time of writing the essay. Write out the central sentences of each paragraph. This will be a kind of guide and marker for the material. Many people call this a fish of a text, a sort of summary of thoughts. Once the foundation is ready, the rest of the information should be built upon it.

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