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4 Nis 2023
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The closest I came to a compliment on my style was when Mark Cho of The Armoury liked my suit on day one before I became a disheveled mess in the Rolex meeting. Luckily I had spotting and shooting help from my actually fashionable colleague James Stacey. But to all the real stylish people out there I missed, please know that it's not you, it's me, and I'll be teaming up with our style editor Malaika Crawford next year so better start preparing your fits now.
The first thing you see when you enter the Palexpo and get through the long security lines is a fork in the road. Left or right? One takes you to Rolex, Patek, Tag, and others, the other to brands like JLC, Cartier, Lange and more.
The Palexpo during Watches & Wonders isn't the easiest "street style" location because everyone (including myself) is frantically running between appointments that feel like they're five miles away and you're already five minutes late. It's also daunting to walk up to people from all over the orologi replica not knowing their native language and stop their day in its tracks for a quick portrait and a wrist shot. But among the staid but solid navy business suits that have long been the standard fare for Swiss watch executives and staff, there were bright spots, literally and figuratively and those folks were more than happy to chat for a few quick seconds before continuing on with their day.
on Henrik Haraldsen of the publication Tidssonen in Norway had maybe my favorite fit-and-watch combo of the event.I mean, Zeitwerk and a Japanese robe. Come on, that's amazing.
I've heard the pandemic pause lightened the dress code at Watches & Wonders substantially. Sure, orologi replica rolex are still plenty of suits, but there's also a mix of streetwear, bright colors, outlandish outfits, and great combinations of watches and sartorial flare. I overpacked just because I didn't know what to expect or what I could get away with. Now I know and it's a much wider range than I ever imagined.
You'll see a lot of familiar faces in the report the folks we bumped into that humored us with a quick portrait and a hello. Here's a little taste of Watches & Wonders style and the scenes they were spotted in.Our friend Zoe Abelson who we covered for 4+1 back in 2021.Wearing this wonderful Tangerine-dialed Rolex.The amazing photographer Zachary Pina,Wearing the Vacheron Constantin Everest Overseas Dual Time that still ranks among my favorite watches of the past 10 years.
Look who we found wandering the entrance of the Palexpo: replica uhren.And a great vintage Omega Constellation.You always hear about how big the booths are at the Palexpo but it really is incredible to walk in and see Rolex and the bright glowing box of Patek and realize there are multiple stories of rooms in each "booth."Adam Golden of Menta Watches who I promise wasn't that upset to be photographed.IWC's Viviana Shanks, who we ran into in the halls of the Palexpo. While I didn't get a photo of it, a lot of folks were pretending to "hang" from the "Freak" on the floor for a picture as it was displayed on the ceiling.
Piaget marketing coordinator Eleni Geanty was a good sport about posing for a portrait. I thought her dress and boots were a wonderful step outside the norm of navy suits.Speaking of which, the A. Lange & S枚hne booth had an oversized Odysseus Chronograph that was actually running (though electronic).Jacques Benayoun, founder of the Paris-based PR firm Black Milk Agency, was hanging around outside Oris on a call and I waited him out for 10 minutes just because of his sweater but also this little detail around his neck.In addition to the great Oris and the turquoise ring, orologi replica rolex can see a glimpse of a Goro Takahashi-made feather with turquoise, one of the all-time great silver artists who passed away a few years ago.Not all collectors love having their faces out in the world, like my good friend Paul (@alangejourney) but he's always more than happy to oblige with a wrist shot of one of his many watches like this Lange 1 Perpetual with pink gold (don't call it salmon) dial.
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