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5 Ara 2018
Tepkime puanı
Dear Members,

Simple Machines is pleased to announce a new patch for the 2.0.x line of SMF, which pushes the version number to 2.0.19.

Notable changes in 2.0.19

  • Ensures compatibility with PHP 8.1 MySQLi error mode.
  • Fixes a bug where members could not download their basic profile data if RSS feeds were disabled.
  • Fixes a bug where double encoded entities could appear in RSS feeds and SSI functions
  • Fixes bugs related to birthdates in member profiles.
  • Improves protection against race conditions when saving Settings.php
  • Avoids an issue with certain versions of Chrome and Edge where viewing one page of a multi-page topic could cause unread posts on the next page to be incorrectly marked as read.
  • Security improvements.

Please see the changelog for more information.

How to update to 2.0.19

If you are currently using version 2.0.18 you can perform the update using the Package Manager (Administration Center > Package Manager). There you should see a notification about 2.0.19, including a "click here to install" link. If you do not see this notification in the Package Manager, please run "Fetch Simple Machines files" from the Scheduled Tasks page (Administration Center > Maintenance > Scheduled Tasks), and then try again.

If you are currently using any earlier version of the 2.0.x line, you can use the process described above to apply previous update patches successively until you reach version 2.0.19.

If you are currently using an older version of SMF, you can upgrade directly to 2.0.19 from whichever version you are currently using by using the "Large Upgrade" package from the Download page. Be aware that using this upgrade method will require you to reinstall any customizations that you have added to your forum, so if you are running a version of the 2.0.x series, it is recommended that you apply the successive patches instead of using the Large Upgrade.

If you are having problems downloading the patch from the admin panel, you can download the patch package from the Package Manager Updates page and install it via the Package Manager, as you would any other mod package.

Please refer to the Online Manual for more details about patching and upgrading.

Finally, as always, please do not use this topic for support requests. You will receive a much quicker and better response by posting in the 2.0.x Support Board.

Thank you for using SMF!

Simple Machines
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