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23 Şub 2019
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Web sitesi
Blog vs Web sitesi, Blog vs Web sitesi arasında adsense için daha etkili olan nedir?
The article is intended to be informational purposes, and not with the intent of taking a potshot at the internet noobs. I believe everyone is a noob at something or the other, as there is always something more to learn.

The first thing you notice after surfing on the internet for a few hours is tons of websites and blogs.

Isn’t that right?

The first question that arises from most of them is: What exactly is the difference between a website and a blog? Many of them tend to confuse one with the other and interpret an answer on their own. So, let’s just clear the air and highlight the difference between a blog and a website.

The basic difference between a blog and a website is theoretically the difference in how data is being presented – the format. Apart from that, in practicality, there is a very fine line between the two. There are some key differences between them and this article should clarify as to what you should go with for creating and publishing your content.

NOTE: Please don’t ask which is the easiest way to make money. Because there is none. It takes a lot of patience, persistence and hard work to make money on the internet.

What is a Blog?

A blog is basically a web log that a blogger makes use of for chronological listing of blog posts. A blog has the most recent content shown first followed by the previously updated content. A blog can be easily started with services like WordPress, Blogger, etc., that provides you with the entire system including design templates to begin.

A blog thrives on new content and the more regularly it is updated, the more attention it will get. That doesn’t mean tons of scraps will reap you a gold mine. Quality and regularly updated content are examples of a good blog.

Basic identification of Blogs:

A chronological listing of blog posts.
A commenting system that invites readers to participate in the communication and leave behind comments.
Blog posts are archived by date, category, author, tags and sub-categories.
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for posts and/or comments for feed-readers like Feedly, etc.

What is a Website?

A website can be anything. Anything on the internet presented in HTML/CSS or Java/Javascript/Python/Php, etc., is a website. A webiste may be complemented with a blog, but the home page would be more for browsing other pages and not just posts. Fully functional and eye-catchy websites are usually cost consuming tasks as you would have to build it from the base up. However, with platforms and services like Adobe Dreamweaver, you can build your own website easily.

A blog can be a part of a website, in the form of  a separate page and linked to the homepage. A website is a bigger aspect and its limitations are little to none. A website could be anything from a single page to hundreds.

Basic identification of a website:

A homepage that displays content from several sections of internal website pages.
A design portfolio of work.
A blog might be a part of a website, but not the only thing.
A Frequently Asked Questions page that readers can browse to get more information.
A page of client testimonials and feedback.
Company’s terms and privacy statements pages.
A Contact form that allows visitors to get in touch.
A services/products page that displays what they have to offer for the visitors.

Do you need a blog or a Website?

That depends on what you need. First, decide what you exactly intend to do. If you are more concerned with creating content on a regular basis for others to read, you should go with a blog.

If you want a fully featured online portal with many abilities and infinitesimal possibilities, you should go with a website. If you have a company, you must have a website combined with a blog. But make sure you know a good deal of coding before you jump to creating a website or shell out a little money and outsource the coding work. One thing which you should know about ‘WordPress’ –  the most popular blogging platform – is, it can always be used as a Website, and you will get advantage of SEO and easy management. Win-win.

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