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  1. mobi4u

    Anyone has this Natura theme?

    Hi everyone, I've just seen this beautiful Natura theme at: http://tiryakitema.byethost8.com/index.php?theme=5 (or attached image below) So if you know where to download it, please tell me! Thank you very much! P/S: It's not this Natura theme on this topic...
  2. mobi4u

    Endless [SMF 2.1 RC2] Responsive Theme

    orhan Can you check the Endless theme to fix an error? I can’t post new topic with this theme, it shows me a white page! Thanks!
  3. mobi4u

    My website using Webtiryaki theme: A Wide

    Thank you for your suggestion! I’ll note this. By the way, I’m using wrap text around image at the landing page and made some changes for my custom menu at navbar!
  4. mobi4u

    My website using Webtiryaki theme: A Wide

    Please check my website using "A Wide theme" from Webtiryaki.com and please tell me what you think about it!  ;) https://layphat.com Thank you! From a little friend with love! :D
  5. mobi4u

    Endless [SMF 2.1 RC2] Responsive Theme

    I've installed this theme on my localhost with lastest SMF2.1 on Github. It shows error when viewing a topic: I checked the problem and found the file index.template.php missing the "function template_quickbuttons()". So we need to add it to solve problem: Edit index.template.php file Find...
  6. mobi4u

    Endless [SMF 2.1 RC2] Responsive Theme

    Very nice and impressive theme! I've downloaded it and probably use this theme for my site in the near future! Thank you!
  7. mobi4u

    Smf R10 Natura Tema

    Thanks mate! Is it used for SMF2.0 or SMF2.1? I guess both of version :) Between, hello everyone! I'm new member?
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