Smf 2.0 Son İletiler Kısmının Başa Taşınması

Başlatan medeniyetmuhendisi, Mar 31, 2020, 05:09 ÖS

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Mar 31, 2020, 05:09 ÖS Son düzenlenme: Mar 31, 2020, 05:13 ÖS medeniyetmuhendisi
Smf 2.0 sürümler için son iletiler kısmını forumun üst kısmına taşımak için;

BoardIndex.template.php dosyasında

Bul; (Sadece üstte olması için kes)
        // This is the "Recent Posts" bar.
    if (!empty($settings['number_recent_posts']))
        echo '
            <div class="title_barIC">
                <h4 class="titlebg">
                    <span class="ie6_header floatleft">
                        <a href="', $scripturl, '?action=recent"><img class="icon" src="', $settings['images_url'], '/post/xx.gif" alt="', $txt['recent_posts'], '" /></a>
                        ', $txt['recent_posts'], '
            <div class="hslice" id="recent_posts_content">
                <div class="entry-title" style="display: none;">', $context['forum_name_html_safe'], ' - ', $txt['recent_posts'], '</div>
                <div class="entry-content" style="display: none;">
                    <a rel="feedurl" href="', $scripturl, '?action=.xml;type=webslice">', $txt['subscribe_webslice'], '</a>

        // Only show one post.
        if ($settings['number_recent_posts'] == 1)
            // latest_post has link, href, time, subject, short_subject (shortened with...), and topic. (its id.)
            echo '
                <strong><a href="', $scripturl, '?action=recent">', $txt['recent_posts'], '</a></strong>
                <p id="infocenter_onepost" class="middletext">
                    ', $txt['recent_view'], ' &quot;', $context['latest_post']['link'], '&quot; ', $txt['recent_updated'], ' (', $context['latest_post']['time'], ')<br />
        // Show lots of posts.
        elseif (!empty($context['latest_posts']))
            echo '
                <dl id="ic_recentposts" class="middletext">';

            /* Each post in latest_posts has:
                    board (with an id, name, and link.), topic (the topic's id.), poster (with id, name, and link.),
                    subject, short_subject (shortened with...), time, link, and href. */
            foreach ($context['latest_posts'] as $post)
                echo '
                    <dt><strong>', $post['link'], '</strong> ', $txt['by'], ' ', $post['poster']['link'], ' (', $post['board']['link'], ')</dt>
                    <dd>', $post['time'], '</dd>';
            echo '
        echo '

Üstüne Ekle;
echo '
 <div id="boardindex_table">
 <table class="table_list">';

 /* Each category in categories is made up of:
 id, href, link, name, is_collapsed (is it collapsed?), can_collapse (is it okay if it is?),
 new (is it new?), collapse_href (href to collapse/expand), collapse_image (up/down image),
 and boards. (see below.) */